Caladrel Aerel Vel'dressil

1st Level Elven Fighter


Meduim sized framed with a muscular build from working in the forge, Cal stands at 5’10” and 150lbs. He has long brown hair down just past his shoulders, large green eyes.


Cal feels he is honor bound to due his parents proud. His father, Aerel Vel’dressil was a swordsmith of a long line. His mother, Merisiel Vel’dressil was know for her literary works, being able translate, read, and organize almost anything. His father before he died, made a book “The Edge of Vel’dressil” along with Cal’s mother, of all his knowledge of swordsmithing. Armed with this and his mother’s teachings, his sets out to meet his honor.

Caladrel Aerel Vel'dressil

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